How our service works

Select e-vignette

Enter vehicle category and registration number.

Pay securely online

Pay tolls simply and securely online.

Set off with no worries

Receive the e-vignette immediately by email or text message.

Register vehicle

The first step is to provide information about your vehicle. In addition to your registration number, you have to specify the country in which your vehicle is registered. The system guides you through registration of your vehicle.

The information required includes, for example, the registration number and the vehicle category (car, trailer, bus, etc.).

Select e-vignette

The second step is to select the vignette you want. You can choose from different vignette validity periods, such as 10 days or 1 year. Various validity periods are offered depending on the country.

If you do not intend to set off on the day of registration but at a later date, you can also select a date from which the e-vignette becomes valid (start date).

Pay online and hit the road

The final step is to pay the fee. The cost of the registration service is based on the selected period of validity for the e-vignette. The total price due is calculated and displayed in the registration process.

You can pay via PayPal and with all major cards. Following payment, registration of your number plate will be completed in a few moments.
We wish you a safe journey at all times!

Please note that once your vignette has been successfully registered, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract. Click here for further information.