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With vintrica, your vignette is automatically renewed - year after year!

You will never forget another renewal and you will avoid expensive toll penalties.
Don’t want to renew it? You can cancel in good time - without any risk to you!
You automatically have a valid vignette every year.

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Give the E-Vignette 2024 Switzerland as a gift

Give the E-Vignette 2024 Switzerland as a gift

With the vintrica gift card, you give the Swiss E-Vignette. The voucher code can be redeemed during the order and the E-Vignette will be registered for the recipient free of charge. No sticking and scraping!

As a scratch card or for self-printing
Online redeemable E-Vignette
Ideal for family or employees
To the voucher shop

Now new in Switzerland: The e-vignette! Switzerland has recently started offering the option of paying the toll in the form of an e-vignette. This advanced system replaces the traditional physical vignette sticker which vehicle owners previously had to attach to the windshield of their vehicle.

Register your vehicle for the e-vignette easily and securely on this website! No more stopping at a gas station to buy a vignette: register your license plate online in just a few minutes and pay the toll online. Simple, modern and hassle-free.

You can initiate registration for an e-vignette for your vehicle via our website. The process is designed to be both effective and user-friendly.

The digital registration of your vehicle with an e-vignette ensures that you have completed all the necessary formalities. If necessary, the validity of the e-vignette can be activated and valid immediately.

Try it out: Use the most modern form of vignette payment on the Internet!

Total prices incl. VAT and service fee for the provision of the online portal. You will find a list in the last order step.

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Pay tolls simply and securely online.

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Receive the e-vignette immediately by email or text message.

No more sticking! No more queuing!

With the e-vignette, you no longer need to pull off the motorway to buy an adhesive vignette. Cameras on the roads record your number plate and compare it with the database.

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Digital annual vignette

Carefree throughout the year with the digital annual vignettes.

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